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FT05: Dunedin Gasworks Museum

The old gasworks site, where coal gas was produced and reticulated throughout older Dunedin, is now a fascinating museum. This is no ordinary museum though; this is a place where you can wander around at will and explore spaces still black with dust. It operated from 1863 until 1987, and is one of only three preserved sites still existing in the world.

The museum features a unique collection of 5 steam pumping engines, which remain where they spent their working lives, and an older engine imported from Scotland in 1868. The machinery will be working, and we’ll have the forge running on Friday.

Trip Specifics

Added extras:Nikon representatives will join you on this trip with a selection of the latest Nikon equipment for you to try.
In addition to the normal gasworks buildings and machinery, the forge will be operating during this field trip.

Important Trip Information

Icons made by SimpleIcon from CC 3.0 BYThis trip is on Friday morning.
Icons made by Chanut is Industries from CC 3.0 BYYou won't find any glass cabinets at this museum - just lots of history.
The forge will be operating for this trip.
We will have exclusive use of the museum during this time.
There are no refreshments available onsite.
Icons made by Smashicons from CC 3.0 BYNothing special is required for this trip.
Icons made by Smashicons from CC 3.0 BYTransport for this trip is via Heritage Bus. Please note, these buses do not kneel like modern buses, so there is a step required to enter/exit the bus.
"Icons made by Freepik from CC 3.0 BYThere are toilets available onsite.
Icons made by Freepik from CC 3.0 BY
Hop on the bus at the venue and hop off at the museum. A low level of fitness is required.
It is an easy flat walk around the museum and grounds.
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