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Frank Pawluk

Frank Pawluk has had an interesting photographic career. He was mentored by some of the great NZ photographers including Morris Kershaw and Ian McRobie. His photographic exploits have had him work for a feast of commercial clients including Kodak and Pacific films in Australia. The work has also taken him around the world several times as a freelance photographer specializing in corporate portraiture.  Frank says the reason he came back to New Zealand was that Dunedin on a sunny day is the most beautiful place on earth.

Once back Frank bought his mentors business, McRobie Photographics which specialized in weddings, graduations and portraiture. Frank sold the business after several successful years and gained a teaching degree and a post graduate diploma in visual arts. He is currently teaching commercial photography at Otago Polytechnic Dunedin.

Presentation: Visual Denotation and Connotation

Denotation: What can you see in the picture?

Connotation: What does the image suggest or imply?

Two important notions for the effective use and control of communication, are denotation and connotation. They derive from semiology or semiotics.

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