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FT19: Self-Drive Peninsula Tour

A tour of the Otago Peninsula will take you on a scenic experience, which begins only minutes from the CBD. The peninsula was formed from volcanic activity millions of years ago, and stretches for 20kms, parallel to the mainland. The ‘high road’ takes you over the top of the hills for views both down the harbour and out to sea. The ‘low road’ twists and turns alongside the harbour, passing through small settlements on the way.

For those wishing to take the opportunity to explore the Otago Peninsula, we will provide a map indicating a variety of locations popular with photographers.

Suggested areas of interest include:

  • Hoopers Inlet, a popular spot for aurora hunters
  • The restored historic lime kilns (circa 1860s)
  • Glenfalloch, with its beautiful gardens
  • The Fletcher House, an old villa fully restored and decorated in Edwardian fashion (open to the public on weekends)
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