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Cole Thompson

Cole Thompson grew up travelling the US while his father served in the Air Force. In 1968 he discovered photography while living in Rochester, NY. Self-taught, he would spend many years learning all he could about the technology of photography. But it was not until 2006 that he discovered his own Vision and made the mental change from a photographer who documents to an artist that creates.

Cole now lives in Northern Colorado where he lives on a small ranch and tends animals and grandchildren.






Artists Statement

“I was born into a Black and White world.

Television and movies were in Black and White.  The evening news was in Black and White. My childhood heroes were in Black and White and even the nation was segregated into Black and White.

And so I created images, in Black & White.

For me color records the image, but Black & White captures the feelings that lie beneath the surface.”

Cole Thompson








To read more about Cole, visit his website:

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