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Katherine Williams

“Creative, fresh and honest, with each of the images reflecting a quiet beauty” was how judges described Katherine Williams’s – the 2016 New Zealand Professional Photographer of the Years winning portfolio. Her work provided a new direction for photography, now seen to be moving away from the more constructed.

Katherine is an award-winning portrait and wedding photographer who specializes in capturing the spirit and personality of her clients. Whether it’s a dramatic scene or an emotional moment, she creates photographs that draw the eye making creative work that is both striking and thoughtful.

As a Master of Photography, Fellow, and President of the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP) Katherine is as accomplished as she is experienced. Year after year her clients and peers regard her work as industry-leading; her most recent accolade is the prestigious 2016 Epson/ NZIPP New Zealand Professional Photographer of the Year.

As the co-owner of Christchurch-based Tandem Photography, Katherine has built a body of photographic work that puts their clients at ease and gives them confidence in the creative process. She is a consummate professional who takes photography beyond a technical craft-producing truly inspiring photographs that get noticed.

Presentation:  Capturing Connection.

At the heart of great photographs of people is connection. Getting the very best out of them is integral to capturing photography that draws emotion from the viewer.

What’s the story you are looking to tell about the people in your photos?

Katherine will present tactics to entice the very best from people in your photos, and how to capture these with ease.

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