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An Introduction to Traditional Printing

WARNING!!! Once you start down this “rabbit hole” you might never come back…
CPS member and accomplished Fine Art photographer Stuart Clook will be leading a workshop exploring the use of alternative processes in modern photography.

Stuart says:

“Like a small but growing number of photographers around the world I’m exploring Analogue and Alternative Photographic processes to help me express my emotional response to a landscape in a uniquely personal way. In this digital age I can show that the hand of the artist is very much involved and alive. Results are never guaranteed and serendipity is always close by, making for truly unique handmade photographic prints”

Stuart will work with participants before the conference to select an appropriate image and to make a digital negative which can be used at the workshop to make a platinum palladium print.

Unfortunately, this workshop is now over-subscribed

This is a limited numbers workshop. 

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