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Julieanne Kost Photoshop Workshop

Ask anyone who went to the Tauranga convention and they will still be talking about it…

As well as being an inspirational and entertaining speaker, Julieanne will be running a post processing talk in the main auditorium.

To quote Julieanne in a recent interview;

“I have never seen the computer or Photoshop as threatening to my photography. I try not to think of any new technology or technique in that manner. Instead, I try to embrace all of the tools that are available to create images. I believe that the more tools you have at your disposal the more options you have and the more creative you can be. I’m not saying that everyone has to know all of the tools, just don’t eliminate a tool because you don’t know about it. Try it. If it fits your work, you’ll continue to use it.”

Come and be introduced to some new tool that might just fit your work.

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