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Self-Guided City Walk

The city is in transition from an earthquake-stricken state to a new modern city. There are many examples of old buildings about to be demolished right beside new high-tech buildings, offering all sorts of opportunities for interesting architectural juxtaposition, creative and documentary photography. Construction is going flat out and there are opportunities to photograph construction workers and the building of a new city. As part of the post-earthquake response, there is an upsurge in street art on buildings and there are more than 100 examples in the inner city (maps can be found at


This workshop is self-guided – maps will be available over the duration of the convention at the  reception desk to offer some suggestions of interesting locations – feel free to pick one up and go explore!

Take in the Avon River, the new promenades and the refurbishment of Victoria Square and the Town Hall, walk down New Regent street and see the Spanish Mission architecture, catch a ride on the tram, and do a bit of people watching in the Cathedral Square.

If you want to avoid the ~30 minute walk into town, the PURPLE Line bus #17 travels along Carlton Mill Road, along the side of Hagley park and into town, or the BLUE Line bus runs up and down papanui road into the cente of town:

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