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Compelling Compositions

John Suckling

John Suckling

COMPELLING COMPOSITIONS – how to make better images through design

“Good use of visual language or design lifts an image from average to one of impact.

An author may have a great story to tell but if they do not have the verbal skill to express that story, no one will read their book. So with photography. They may have ‘a story’ they want to tell in a photo but if they do not have skill in visual language or visual design to best express that, their image will not get a viewer’s attention”

The workshop will help you build your visual design skills through a combination of working in the classroom and working outside with your camera.

John will explain the techniques you can use as a photographer to create compelling images – images that have impact for the viewer, that will hold their attention. We will cover the basic elements of composition; light, shape, texture, colour and light. We will look at how these can be organised to enhance the emotional impact of the image from the viewers’ perspective. We will then head out with our cameras and use the local environment to capture these elements, training our eyes to seek out compositions that emphasise what we want to show in our images.

To maximise the time we have available, the full workshop will be at the conference venue.

John Suckling is a Christchurch photographer who specialises in expressing his unique perspective through bold, minimalist compositions. Drawing on his extensive knowledge of visual design and limitless enthusiasm to help other photographers he has developed ways of explaining the complex, interwoven parts of design theory in understandable, motivating and challenging exercises which will make you think before, during and after you push the shutter

Sunday’s workshop is now over-subscribed, but don’t worry, there are still places available on Saturday

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